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Last November the Activist Post ran a story about the propensity of police officers killing civilians. Stated was the following:

"Since 9/11, and the subsequent militarization of the police by the Department of Homeland Security, about 5,000 Americans have been killed by US police officers. The civilian death rate is nearly equal to the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq. In fact, you are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.”

That statistic is alarming enough considering if the 4,489 American soldiers killed in combat in Iraq constitute a condition of war, then the killing of 5,000 American civilians by United States police departments ought to be viewed as a war on we the People by our very own government.

…[The fact is] a cop is far more likely… to kill you than you are to kill a cop. Stated another way, when an officer comes into contact with you, you are far less of a threat to them than the perception our culture proliferates. The police are, in fact, more of a threat to YOU.

The idea that police have an incredibly dangerous job is what we Southerners call a tall-tale, a stretch of the truth to bolster an ego unwilling to accept mediocrity. Not to take away from what many fair-minded officers do every day, but as those stubborn things called facts would have it, policing is less dangerous than farming, fishing, logging, and trash collecting, as well as six other professions.  

Now is the time to burst the cop myth and to stop giving them the deference to murder our friends and family in the street.”

— Cops: The Myth of the Most Dangerous Job | AmericaWakieWakie 

(Photo Credit: 08/20/14, Oakland marches in solidarity with Ferguson, MO after police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18 yr old Mike Brown | AmericaWakieWakie)

A Benevolent Police Force: The Craziest Myth of all.

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I got dressed in my traditional Indian regalia, but there was a man, he was the producer of the whole show. He took that speech away from me and he warned me very sternly. “I’ll give you 60 seconds or less. And if you go over that 60 seconds, I’ll have you arrested. I’ll have you put in handcuffs.”

- Sacheen Littlefeather in Reel Injun (2009), dir. Neil Diamond.

i know i’m white and i’m not trying to distance myself from that but the more i learn the more i want to tear apart this terrible white supremacist society. fuck white ppl

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Artificial sweeteners may lead to diabetes
Reaching for artificial sweetener to avoid sugar may be trading one evil for another, a new study suggests. For some people, artificial sweeteners may lead to type 2 diabetes as directly as sugar does.

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Measured average height, weight, and waist circumference for adults ages 20 years and over.

Height (inches):  69.3
Weight (pounds): 195.5
Waist circumference (inches):   39.7

Height (inches):   63.8
Weight (pounds):  166.2
Waist circumference (inches):   37.5



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